AAA Enterprise Solutions

AAA Enterprise Solutions

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About Us

AAA Enterprise Solutions is the IT mother company for five other sub-companies in the information technology world. We are an IT body that thrives on implementing innovation-driven solutions to help individuals and organizations achieve more. Our clients get consumer-eccentric, cost-effective, and optimal data management enterprise applications to help maintain sustainable business operations.

We help design enterprise solutions specific for both small-scale and large-scale businesses to help them maximize CRM opportunities for extensive growth. AAA ES (Inc.) has a track record of delivering reliable enterprise solutions targeted at solving the limitations of most mission-critical applications. Partner with us today to maximize expansion opportunities for next-level growth in your business space!

Our Services

Telecommunication Solutions

AAA ES (Inc.) offers Ombrex Telecom services to residents, businesses, and major enterprises across the globe. Our telecommunication services range from installing and providing VoIP solutions for remote working, fast-speed voice over internet secure call lines, and customized enterprise solutions. We help create end-to-end Cloud and on-site VoIP PBX telephone networking systems.

Web Development & Custom Web Solutions

We’re known to create tailored-fit web development designs and solutions for leading brands in all sectors. Our web development team understands the impact of integrating user-friendly features to increase the accessibility of guests and customers. AAA ES (Inc.) has its signatory on most website custom software solutions for clients in e-commerce, real estate, freight & logistics, insurance, immigration, and other sectors.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Management

As everyone seeks to take advantage of the global retailing space today, our brand helps increase the online traffic of local, retail, and whole businesses. We have expertise in showcasing the products and services of our clients to their target audience to maximize their marketing resources. Our digital marketing solutions include investing in highly-targeted ad campaigns, SEO fencing, leveraging on Organic SEO, Negative keyword removal, and so on. We also help brands remain valuable online by offering impeccable social media management services.

Infrastructure Solutions

We provide networking and customer relations management (CRM) solutions to help businesses operate at their best. AAA ES (Inc.) carries out market value analysis before providing tailored infrastructure solutions for maximum growth and extended annual profit margin. Our infrastructure solutions include Cloud-based services, Server setup on residential and corporate premises, Desktop migrations, Server visualization, and Enterprise data-management solutions.

Customer Relations Management (CRM)

We understand the importance of building and maintaining customer satisfaction relationships between clients. It’s a value we’ve held strong for years which has enabled us to sustain a long-term relationship with over 80% of our clients. AAA ES (Inc.) provides CRM solutions to brands and businesses looking to maximize their customer’s data by creating beneficial client-customer relationships.

Enterprise Resource Planning & Management

Brands that do well tremendously, have exceptional internal systems that keep everything in order like a gridlocked system. We offer resource and planning management services to corporate bodies by providing workable customer relations and human resource systems in place to support a sustainable work environment. Our results-driven enterprise management strategies create room for creativity and diversification for global expansion.

Cloud Computing & Hosting

With everything going completely digital today, leading corporations have billions invested in cloud computing. We help businesses invest in secure cloud services to enable them to have firewall-protected cyberspace for a reliable and effective mode of operations. AAA ES (Inc.) cyberspace experts pair brands with secure cloud computing and hosting channels for smooth cyberspace functionalities and digital marketing aids.


We help brands look into their books by providing detailed accounting services tailored to fit their mode of operations. Our top-tier accounting experts draft out accounting layouts to help businesses input their day-to-day income and expenditures. AAA ES (Inc.) currently balances the books of clients in the trucking, IT, Legal, insurance, logistics, and immigration sectors. Visit for further inquiries on our book-keeping and accounting services.

Logistics IT Solutions

Freight and Logistics companies are only at their best when they have highly-functioning IT solutions. We provide well-organized IT solutions to Trucking and Logistics companies to enable them to promote and maintain time-sensitive, secure, and shipment businesses. Our logistics IT solutions include Trip management, Logbook management, Safety and compliance management, Document management, and so on. Check for more info.