About Us

AAA ES (inc) is Canada office of Ganit Softech Private Limited. While enterprise applications are costly to run and difficult to manage, many companies will tell you they can make your systems work. AAA ES (inc) has delivered the largest, most complex and highest-reliability enterprise solutions for mission-critical applications at organizations like yours.
With diligence, dedication and decisiveness that you can trust, AAA ESI is your valued partner in Information Technology.
We are trusted and endorsed by several organisations for our quality of work and commitment.

Our Services

We implement solutions in a way that brings you peace of mind and satisfaction, we will do all of this while providing you the highest value, within the quickest period of time
Enterprise Resource Planning & Management

From inventory and order management to accounting, human resources and customer relations, we  will install the plan that will successfully, faithfully and creatively bring together the diverse compartments of your company.

Cloud Computing

We can create and install the wonders of cyberspace within your own firewall by way of a private cloud, we can provide for you everything you need outside of your enterprise infrastructure and on the web in a public cloud or we can give you a little of both in the form of a hybrid solution.

Customer Relations Management

At AESI, we are interested in building, maintaining and sustaining a healthy professional relationship with our clients. We pass along the technical knowledge to you so that you can satisfy your respective customers.

Infrastructure Solutions

At AESI we take great pride in ensuring we have the most up-to-date knowledge of emerging technologies. We have vast competencies in infrastructure solutions such as desktop and server virtualization, cloud based services, Desktop Migrations and enterprise data-management solutions.


We’re currently in looking for Web and Server Side Developers
If you’re a passionate worker and think you have what it takes, send your resume and details to jobs@aaaenterprisesolutions.com for all opportunities.


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